MISSIONmoto is a Washington State non-profit 501(c)3 motorcycle ministry that takes donated motorcycles (and scooters), tools/supplies, gear, equipment and fixes and sells those donations to support missionaries, orphans, and special needs kids. Organized as such, we can offer a tax receipt for your donation.

Funds raised from donations are earmarked to one of two disbursement lists: 1) Missions, or 2) Orphans/Foster care and Special needs kids under our HumbleRumbles program.

We offer free pick up for any scooter, motorcycle, tools, equipment, riding gear, or any other garage supplies. We have a pick up tuck, ramps, and a 3 rail trailer to help facilitate pickups.

If the location is very far away from Seattle, we will use our network to ask for help, or hire a 3rd party if the donation warrants the extra expense. MISSIONmoto will handle all the communication and coordination. Per our guidelines, only a member of the Board of Directors will be coordinating the donation pickups.

Contact email:

Thank you for considering supporting us!
Michael Daily
President and Founding Steward